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Latest Chapter: Prompt #106: A new villain pops up.

Keiko Short stories inspired by the yyhfanfiction community on tumblr.

Luffy, Naruto, Neji, Ray, Reader, Sanji, Sasuke, Sesshomaru, Shikamaru, Shino, T.

Our favorite group is all grown up but now a plot twist: Yusukes twin sister is alive and in Demon World.

How can one sibling want to reconnect with his twin when she wants nothing to do with him?

Maybe the new type of 'training' he introduced will stick! This is also my first posted fan fiction, so please, be gentle; at least just this first time.

(yusuke Xyou)You are a girl who has always been teased, but up until now, you had tried to ignore it and pretend it didn't bother you... I will put in one or more character from each of the categories that I place this fic in, so please stay tuned for your fave character."Life is the longest thing you will ever do but it doesn't mean it's not short" - Taintedangel212 Like everyone else, you are a normal High school student with a mask; one that separates you from your life in high school and your life outside of it.

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Will return with weekly updates in DECEMBER 2017.*** Canon divergent in places. Slight Kurama/OC.] Thirty years have passed since the Demon Tournament as Yusuke married Keiko and had a son with another on the way.

He has taken it upon himself to use ordinary fairy tales and myths and twist them into a very horrendous reality.

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This has proved increasingly popular but probmatic too, all down to this exact reason. However, there are some witty and mature people on the site, though the only "masterpieces" they make are honestly...

As Hanako adapts, she begins to notice a fundamental flaw in Shuuichi's relationship with his mother, something neither of them seem willing to address.