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She is prone to squeal in excitement when her favorite couple in an rpg gets together.(Even though she won't admit it, Julie loves romance stories and anime .)She is the girlfriend of Matt, another gamer who bought her a bouqet of flowers along with a new video game.

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I wouldn't sweat about it now, but it's something to think about for next time. Hi there, As another user has pointed out, this casting has completed early, in both cases through casting the character before the posted deadline; for this reason, the thread is being locked.Please do not ignore your own deadlines for the sake of reaching a faster audition conclusion; it is unfair to the talent who have scheduled their time/obligations according what they believed was the actual deadline, and it hurts your credibility/reliability as a casting director.Matt may not always win a game, but he's willing to keep trying until he does! Matt doesn't always do well in school(mostly because he likes to goof off on the weekends, instead of doing schoolwork.), but he'll do his best', and always seems to pull out with a passing grade.I imagine Matt's voice to be a bit high-pitched, but still sounding like a teenager.He alleges that the two of them were posturing for a 2020 presidential run.

The build thread isn't that good since I copied parts from another forum I used to be active on but has some the right info and pics. Wasn't worth keeping on there if I had to keep redoing it every couple weeks.

She's willing to kiss and even hug the stuffing out of Matt, but she a little nervous about holding hands out in public.

I'd like to hear a slightly deeper feminine voice, one that could probably be mistake for a young boy.

Its sitting on 33x12.50-20 Atturo Trailblade XT tires.

I also have a Magnaflow Catback, Airaid intake, Yakima rails, Curt rack (soon to be Gobi), some Vinyl wrapping, 20x8.5 Black Rhino wheels & more.

Its sitting on 33x12.50-20 Atturo Trailblade XT tires. Steel Armadillo Skids & Mopar Sliders are en route. Had a 2012 Hemi QDII, RRO Leveled on 32s and a bunch more. 3" comes via a 2.5"RRO kit, A set of Bilstein 5100s. Fronts set to .5" only as going any further beyond 3" total puts the CV angle at just too much of an extreme. I started with just the rro oem shocks, but had a bad time with the nivomat load leveling rears ( 1st set went bad very quick) and my fronts were just kinda garbage anyway so the Bilsteins were an easy plan.