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Version 1.50 - 6/07/08 --Well, after a long and very exhausting week, I'm finally up to doing another update.With the clock counting down to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, I'm aiming to fill all the missing gaps in the guide and continue to improve it.Added two reader submissions, plus I started the Broker/Dukes/Bohan Most Wanted.

Version 1.00 - 5/27/08 --Big update this time, and the first completed version of the walkthrough!

This means that I'll be accepting reader submissions now (for most things, but not everything as I'm still in the process of adding extra info).

Just don't expect an update tomorrow, and maybe not the day after.

I'm gonna be out tomorrow and most likely will be unable to do another update until Wednesday at the earliest.

I decided to remove the big choice questions from the FAQ since they had spoilers, even though I warned readers of them.

Chances are I'll add more but both this update and the next one probably won't be added til after the holiday is my guess.In 2008, Fox News ran a controversial segment on the O’Reilly Factor called “Is Sex on College Campuses Toning Down or Heating Up? Project, and Dickenson College’s Peers Assisting Learning About Safe Sex (PALS); are all examples of health educators on college campuses.” This segment addressed the prevalence of sexual activity on college campuses and the number change of sexual partner statistics over recent years. Such groups can provide information, guidance & advice, and safe sex supplies.I mean, if I were him, I’d try to get into my pants. Maybe he finds me repulsive and I’m being wayyyy too self-important. And then berated myself for being a self-important, stuck-up snot again.I loitered on the corner of passive and aggressive and did not respond. The truth is, I had already made reservations for a sumptuous supper of popcorn at Casa de My Couch. A few days later, he asked again, but this time I really was busy. I Pretty Much Suck Why am I so averse to sharing a meal with this perfectly nice man? If we develop a friendship and he does try something, I’ll have to decline him and then feel bad about it.Programs such as Mount Holyoke College’s Sexual Health Educators (SHE), Connecticut College’s The Think S. Peer Education groups are an important part of the college experience, especially because the exposure to sexual pressures is much greater in this type of environment.