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We might be more likely to have amazing dates because the necessity of planning ahead gives both parties more time to invest in the date being a really good one, too, but parenthood doesn't change everything. Honestly, it would be kinda cool if we didn't have to deal with some of this sh*t anymore and could magically make it go away by having a kid, but that's just now how this whole dating things works.

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Once we’ve done a preliminary consultation, we’re always happy to provide references to potential clients!Here are just a few of the letters and e-mails we’ve received as a result of our clients’ happy endings: We haven’t sent you a formal thank you yet for the best wedding gift we received…bringing us together in the first place.I definitely needed some dating coaching and a ‘personal dating assistant’. After getting a feel for my personality and my dating history, she offered honest and helpful feedback as we devised a strategic plan to ensure I met more quality matches.Just when I thought I knew everything about dating and meeting new people (but still hadn’t met the ‘one’), I was pleasantly surprised to see that speaking to a professional really did make a difference.During our first meeting, she was supportive, informative, understanding and inspiring. Most importantly, the first date she recommended was a lovely woman well suited to my interests.

Starring: Matthew Mc Conaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas Directed by: Mark Waters (“The Spiderwick Chronicles”) Written by: Jon Lucas (“Four Christmases”) and Scott Moore (“Four Christmases”) What do you get when you cross a classic holiday story like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with a nauseating romantic comedy?Michelle is warm, thoughtful, intuitive and great at what she does.She thinks outside of the box and puts her clients’ best interests first.We’re so happy to have found each other & we owe it all to you. I never considered using a service like this, until a friend of mine worked with NYCity Matchmaking and had a successful, long-term match within weeks.As a widow, I was reluctant about reentering the dating world…It was twenty years since my last first date. I felt extremely comfortable immediately and surrendered to the process. I have been happily dating a wonderful woman who is my new life partner. During my consultation, Michelle helped me finetune my online profile, which as a result, saw an immediate increase in activity.Still, the transformation from sleazebag to gentleman is miraculously completed with a little shove by screenwriting partners Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who scripted the unfunny “Four Christmases” at the end of last year.