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According to the CT Department of Public Health, 17% of CT high school students report being emotionally abused by a dating partner and 8% report being physically abused by a dating partner ().

And early exposure to abusive or violent relationships increases the likelihood of those types of relationships being repeated later in life.

Co-founder Gigi Peterkin echoed her partners’ sentiments, “There are so many different ways to be kind to ourselves and others, and we don’t know the impact our kindness can have on another human being.

If people can dedicate even an hour of time on October 21-23 toward being kind – buy a stranger a cup of coffee, smile at everyone you pass on the street, tell people you meet to have a good day – those small acts can have real meaning.”Join the livestream and more than 25 of the world's leading kindness experts for Gen Kind24 LIVE."We determined who in the organization would drive the strategy, so for corporate, it's corporate affairs, specifically corporate communications.

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