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Don’t exasperate him when he messes up but encourage him.

Well this video is not quite dating advice, and it’s not coming from a Christian perspective -though it does have many Christian principles involved such as being patient and kind to your other half rather than impatient and impulsive and using damaging and uncaring language.

Ladies; all men want sex – Christian or otherwise it makes no difference.

Be open to correction from your wife who often will have spiritual eyes where you have blind spots.Be aware being the head means you have to be prepared to give your life for her and your kids.I used to wonder what the big deal was with Christians at least dating non-Christians – I mean what’s the harm?This assumes that the Bible’s warning about doing this is really nothing to take that seriously.men Step up to the plate and find out by looking at Christ what a man is.

Be responsible, work and look after your family unto death!Another good way to assess someone when dating especially is to visit a person’s church and meet their church friends – another great indicator and insight into someone will be found here. This should be very interesting to most Christians, as it appears that the french word for ‘single‘ appears to be our english equivalent word for ‘celibate’ if I’m not mistaken.Call me old fashioned but even the liberal – french seem to have once seen a ‘single’ person clearly as someone that did not only not have have a partner – but it’s greater meaning was someone who had no physical intimacey with the opposite sex.Imagine this I heard from a preacher the other day and I thought was brilliant; When you go to Primark, the goods are all over the place.When you go to Cartier – the goods are under lock and key!What does this tell us about how times have changed!