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With respect to the driver training Jimmy reinforced the importance of it from Jaguar’s point of view and said that in an ideal world they’d have had all of the Directeur Sportifs there for the day but as they couldn’t all be there some of the videos being filmed was to create videos for use within the team to share the learning.Jaguar saw cycling and Team Sky as a perfect partner for the Sportbrake to highlight the performance and the versatility of the cars, showing they’re adaptable and excellent load carriers – ideal for people with busy and full work/life schedules.

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They drive the team cars on the race course usually with at least a mechanic on board but perhaps also a journalist, a doctor or a VIP guest.They carry food and drink for the riders, have TVs playing the race live as they drive so they can keep up with what’s happening on the road.I got the impression that both Martin Brundle and the instructors were fairly gobsmacked by what is a normal day in the car for the Directeur Sportifs and it seemed like it gave them an extra impetus to the driver training.Over lunch I asked Martin Brundle if he cycled himself.Given the above, it was pleasing to me that Jaguar felt that it was an important part of their partnership with Team Sky to give some specific driver training to help the drivers understand more about how the cars work and how they can work with them on the road away from the dangers and distractions of a pro race.

A safe environment in which to make mistakes and learn.All of the while they are doing all of the above they also need to be advising their riders on team tactics including when to attack and by which riders on the team not to mention keeping tabs on rivals and specific sections of the course to attack or be attacked on.On days with difficult weather they will also advise on where there might be particular cross winds that require caution or different tactics.Last week I was invited by Jaguar to come along and see some driver training for Dan Hunt ( and Marcus Ljungqvist ( , two of the Directeur Sportifs at Team Sky (French is the most commonly version of the title and they are often refer to as a DS for short).Jaguar’s involvement with Team Sky has been difficult to miss, particularly since the company launched the striking XF Sportbrake, which are in my opinion the best looking cars in the pro peloton.Jaguar also believe that the rigours of the pro tour will also show customers the toughness and reliability of the cars too.