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CADCS001 did not show the Windows Updates system tray icon at all, but WSUS continued to show that it had 131 pending updates.

Running "wuauclt /detectnow" or selecting "Check for updates" from the Windows Update section in Control Panel creates the following entry in the Windows file: ## RESUMED ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ] 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU # 0 updates detected 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU ######### 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU ## END ## AU: Search for updates [Call Id = ] 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU ############# 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU Successfully wrote event for AU health state:0 2013-07-09 :286 772 6d8 AU Featured notifications is disabled.

I then move it into the correct container and wait for it to report, and it goes back to saying there are 12 pending updates, but the server itself still refuses to acknowledge them.

I've seen updates unpredictably break WSUS clients, for example.I don't think I've seen a client incorrectly report no updates, however, except when there was a prerequisite update missing.Doing so with all Important updates has reduced the number reported as pending in WSUS from 131 to 12, so the server is definitely reporting successfully.Unfortunately there is still no sign of a Windows Updates system tray icon to install the remaining 12 updates, and clicking "Check for updates" from the Windows Update section in Control Panel still displays a "Windows is up to date" message.It looks like you already checked the registry keys, so I'll skip past that.

So I'm going to recommend: for this client at this time.We have around 30 servers and 150 client PCs and as far as I can tell all of them seem to be downloading and installing approved updates.Both servers are in the same OU in Active Directory, have the same applied GPOs (and are successfully applying those GPOs), and both are in the same container on the WSUS console.I've tried installing the "System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition (KB947821)", which installs correctly but then reports no errors: ================================= Checking System Update Readiness.Binary Version 6.1.7601.21645 Package Version 19.0 2013-07-09 Checking Windows Servicing Packages Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs Checking Package Watchlist Checking Component Watchlist Checking Packages Checking Component Store Summary: Seconds executed: 333 No errors detected (w) Unable to get system disk properties 0x0000045D IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY Disk Cache The "Unable to get system disk properties" message seems to be normal from what I can tell.SP1 was slipstreamed into the installation files, it was not installed separately.