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If you want to react to property changes, use the callback you already discovered.

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The control just displays the default values for the Header and Message.I have bound the Name property to Text property of Text View.You might want to read something on debugging bindings as well, then you can spot such errors as they will be reported by the binding engine.(something like "property x not found on object y").Recently I struggled on my user control trying to make the dependency property be updated when I change the source of the binding.

That confirmed my belief that WPF does not forgive any single developer’s mistake.

All I need to do is, on the button click I want to update the Name value that will have to update the text box value.

I thought, if I use dependency property instead of normal CLR property, I dont need to implement INotify Property Changed.

public static readonly Dependency Property Animate Column Width Property = Dependency Property.

Register("Animate Column Width Property", typeof(double), typeof(Main Window), new Property Metadata(0.0)); public double Animate Column Width As I understand it, as the column width is bound to this property, whenever I update the property the column width should also update.

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control (s).