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We solicit your cooperation in our efforts to make the year of 1952-1953 one of the most successful in the long and proud history of our college. Way"; Jerry Plumb imitating Jerry New directors Lewis, Johnnie Dickerson as Dean For Dormitories Martin, and Jack Sharp, announcer for the act; and Ann Walton, who Carr. West will teach classes in dramatics, radio, and funda- 1 Furman University and a B. The next all-college dance is scheduled for Saturday, October 25. He has worked with the Natchitoches recreation depart- ment and the physical education department of Northwestern State college. Hay Ride Begins Fail Activities For Newman Club The Newman club, Catholic students' religious organization on the campus, will initiate its fall program of activities with a hay ride and weiner roast tomorrow night.In making this request we are only asking that you con- tinue the support and assistance which have been so freely given dur- ing the past two years. LEE PRATHER, President of Northwestern State College VOL. 1 Current Sauce NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE OF LOUISIANA SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1952 Student Council Sponsors First All-College Dance The first all-college dance spon- sored by the Student Council was held September 1J in the Student Center. Mitchell Reams, associate professor of library, comes from Clemson College to join NSC's fac- ulty. Euthenics Club Host to Co-eds Thursday Night The Euthenics Club entertained the freshmen Home Economics Sirls at an informal get-together •n the living room of the Home Economics building Thursday eve- ning. Magazines and booklets which have featured Joe include The Pro- gresive Farmer, the Port Arthuran and the Baton Rouge Register. The truck will leave from the Religious center about p. and head for the Alphonse Prud- homme plantation at Bermuda First Fall Production Is Cast In Little Theatre This Week The College Theatre group, under the direction of Dr.The individual tabulations were ; follows: frosh girls, Juanita Barberousse, 105; Sue Cooper, 46; Mary Catherine Gordy, 116; Paula Haynes, 151; Jeanie Johnson, 99; Viv Prudhomme, 47; Kathie San- ders, 105; Loyce Todd, 20; Ann Torrans, 39; and Bennie Ruth Wood, 25. cal education majors and teachers ; A from Columbia university, and of the department were present ' a Ph. Two of the roles will be double casted: Kitty Dean, Kay donna Hill and Pat Hankins; Gwen, Millie Davis and Mary Murphy.

Considerable labor and money have been spent in an earnest effort to improve opportunities for both work and play on the campus, and we assure you that our efforts along these lines will continue. After- Vickers singing "September in the j ward, refreshments were served to Rain" and "It Had to be You"; all present. Joe started calling and teaching square dances five years ago. He has appeared on many square dance programs throughout tile Ark-La-Tex area, such as the Holiday-in-Dixie, State Festival at Baton Rouge and the Port Arthur Festival.

Exten- sive improvements have been made in several of the dormitories, the new laundry has been equipped with the most modern machinery ob- tainable, a new 37 passenger bus for the use of faculty and student groups has been purchased, to mention but a few of the improvements that have been made. Jimmye Wall singing "Lonesome Gal" and "Somewhere Along theiw n . The forthcoming in library science from the Uni- accompanied the vocalists, playing "Deep Purple." After the dance, students retir- ed to the student center cafe for a last minute snack before return- ing to their dormitories. Joe has been working with the Louisiana State Exten- sion Service, teaching the art of square dancing to their agents, the members of the 4-H club, the Jun- ior leaders, the Older Youth and Local leaders.

Have your chest x-rayed — BE SURE YOUR LUNGS ARE HEAL- THY. Carondelet: Laola Ranion, presi- dent; Charlsie Ross, vice president; Gayle Epperson, secretary-treasu- rer; Jane Williams, social chair- man; Bobbie Downs, 1st floor; Mary Shipp, 2nd floor.

A chest x-ray may show the presence of tuberculosis two and one-half years before symptoms appear. Audubon: Jane Flores, president; Faye Johnson, vice president; Jack- ie Byrd, secretary-treasurer; Jim- nr- Shows, social chairman; Jo Bath, 1st floor; Barbara Frederich, tod floor.

Welcome We extend cordial greetings to each member of the student body for the Fall Semester of 1952. If for any reason a student finds that he needs a small sum of money, he may borrow up to ten dollars for i a period of 30 days.

We are naturally proud of the fact that our enrollment shows an increase over that of last year. When he pays [back this money, he will add to it a fifty cents carrying charge. First a student must contact Jackson Beebe and secure a blank from him. Robert Easley, faculty ad- viser, to get the check for the amount of the loan.

Upperclassmen: Sarah Cook, 224; Rae Gremillion, 585; Judy Honey- cutt, 212; Jo Hubley, 261; Gay New, 61; and Jimmy Wall, 163. Music was furnish- ed by the NSC dance band— the Demonnaires. The comedy is schedul- ed to be produced the 23rd and 24th of October in the Fine Arts auditorium. West is interested in suen theatre groups as Davis Player, a local club, of the stage, and Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic society.

Leland Langridge, president of the Student Body, acted as master of ceremonies for the floor show. She plans to re- activate both, since all but two members of the organizations have been graduated.

The spirit displayed by the stu- dent body was at a higher peak than it has been for quite a while. The Potpourri working schedule is to be quite rigid this year.

Eight hundred and thirty-four stu- dents voted Wednesday after near- ly 1000 turned out for the tryouts the evening before. The beauties will be selected in Octo- ber; and the class sections are due November 15. The Potpourri staff is as follows: Houston Davis, editor-in-chief; Marie Tilleaux, associate editor; Lucien Spataro, business manager; Mary Murphy, class editor; Nelda is as follows: Delia, Betty Sae Boydstun; Jo, Gerald Tilleaux; Me- Dermott, Milton Burts; Herbert Dean, Bobby Hamm: Perry Stew- ard, Ben Duhon; Fanny Cavishdish, Gervais Aldredge; Oscar Wolfe, Johnny Smith; Anthony Cavendish, Jack Sharp; Miss Peake Gay New.

Mae Rhodes, Briek Shack and Miss Essie Givens, Rebel Hall. The main features are accented by silver buttons, a white plastic belt, and a shoulder patch, which characterizes a leer- ing demon with the letters, NSC, underneath. Davis, band di- rector, also received a new uni- form.