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The loved-up couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they were snapped around Melbourne last week, showering each other with kisses and enjoying the honeymoon period of their budding romance.

In one picture, a man’s hand can be spotted on Murphy’s knee.

TMZ reports that Strahan knew of his then-fiancée’s getaway, but thought she had gone on vacation with girlfriends, where she ran into to Jackson.

Reps for Strahan and Murphy have yet to respond to Daily News' request for comment on the cheating allegations.

Perhaps it’s all the champagne in the sun or the jovial atmosphere, but there's just something about the Melbourne Spring Racing season that makes for the perfect backdrop for blossoming new romances and it looks like Richie Strahan and Tully Smyth may a hot new power couple.

“To watch that scared me into action, and made me say ‘I don’t care what those other doctors are telling you. This is not right.’” His father got a new pacemaker and adjusted his diet and exercise. Strahan has since become passionate about men’s heath, and he teamed up with Meta for American Heart Month to talk about the importance of having serious health conversations.

“It made me feel good that I was strong enough and able to have that talk with him, and that he was receptive to that talk,” he said.He had some things done, and he had a pacemaker put in, and we were literally having dinner and he starts coughing and I look up, and the next thing I know he is passed out with his eyes open. ’ And I thought he was gone, and I am screaming and he is not responding.And then my mom was like ‘shake him,’ and I shake him and he wakes up, and she goes ‘well, that’s not the first time that has happened.’” The incident prompted Strahan to demand his dad see another doctor.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTS4654 Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa work so closely together he feels like they are married. For the show to being doing as well as it’s been doing is a testament to her.” When Strahan isn’t on “Live,” he is working on “Good Morning America,” keeping his morning schedule jam-packed.“Kelly is fun,” he told FOX411 of his “Live” co-host. Still, the former football star doesn’t feel overworked."I don't like to talk much about my private life, but I'm really happy." Murphy has five children from her previous marriage to actor ex-husband Eddie Murphy, while Strahan has four children with his two prior ex-wives, Jean Muggli and Wanda Hutchins.