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Sam connects this to Snow White, whose stepmother poisoned her with the red side of an apple.The boys start trying to find a girl who may have gone missing, or been killed in the area, but to no avail.

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They find him reading fairy tales to a young woman, who looks exactly like an older version of the spirit Dean saw.They find out that she swallowed bleach which led to her condition, and speculate that she was poisoned by her step-mother, and that her spirit has become increasingly enraged, and is acting out fairy tales in an attempt to get attention.The old lady proceeds to drug and attack them, fatally stabbing Ken.When Sam and Dean question Julie, she reports seeing a young girl at the window of the house watching the events play out.If you're a fan of either Gilmore Girls or Supernatural, then you no doubt have strong feelings about Jared Padalecki.

The 34-year-old actor has left quite a mark on Hollywood with his various roles over the years, and his personal life is just as intriguing.

Meanwhile, Dean finds the young girl, but is attacked by the man who has kidnapped her. Garrison is distraught by Sam’s story that his wife may have poisoned his daughter, but when Callie’s spirit appears and confirms it, he accepts the truth.

At that moment, his daughter dies, and the spirit disappears, now at rest.

A low growling alerts him, and he screams as he is attacked.

ON THE ROAD, IN THE IMPALA: Now that the Colt has been restored, Sam argues with Dean that they should use it to kill the Crossroads Demon, in an effort to release Dean from his deal.

Dean is in staunch opposition to the idea, as it may put Sam’s life in danger.