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star on her Twitter account after Khloe was spotted with NBA star James Harden last Saturday, July 4.

The reality TV star was seen with the Houston Rockets player enjoying a meal together at Red 8 restaurant in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

We reached out to her about the break-up and the track ...

The birth of Tyga and Blac Chyna's baby had us thinking: Which other strippers got more than just a tip out of the hip hop elite?

That album spent 29 weeks on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, landing gold status.

Two other “Da Baddest” songs which helped solidify Trina’s rep as a raunchy rapper on par with Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown are “Pull Over (That A** Too Fat)” and “Look Back at Me The album also displayed a key characteristic of Trina’s songs, many of which are contentious, sexually tense back-and-forths with men. Being featured in a Trina song is almost a rite of passage for male rappers, including multiplatinum Rick Ross, who became a name with the smash 2006 single “Hustlin’ ”.

Sources close to the couple said Trina was devastated by the break-up.

So, what does Trina think now that Khloe and French are done?

Though Trina is a well-respected artist in her own right, she has arguably never obtained the mainstream recognition long received by her male counterparts in the Miami and national rap scenes.female rapper and, in a cruel irony, as an accessory to some of the men whose careers she has helped shape.

Perhaps worse for her career, the steps she has taken to compete in this climate—being the baddest and nastiest and maybe the most sexed-up lady dropping rhymes, rather than a nuanced lyricist—might have hamstrung her ascent as an artist.

Her larger-than-life rapper persona (some song titles include: “No Panties” and “Killin You Hoes”) belies her tiny frame and thin-but-curvy figure.

She’s dressed casually that Wednesday in a white tank top, matching shorts and flip-flops, with her blonde ponytail tucked under a black baseball cap, but she radiates an effortless prettiness—perfect skin and smile; gentle, bright eyes with just the faintest hint of glittery shadow on the lids.

Meanwhile, her characteristic grittiness had off-putting impacts on her professional and personal life. She wanted to put a show together and make it big and be very extravagant,” C. explains, but “because she was a girl,” labels “played it safe” and stuck to the graphic rap they knew could make money.