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با این حال، این دو به دنبال نجات یک دختر جهش یافته هستند.

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There are people with perfect teeth and big smiles and good tans. Nobody in my band wanted it — we just kept passing the i Pad around. The latest one I shot, for “Sadness Is a Blessing,” was like a film scene with Stellan Skarsgård [father of 's Alexander Skarsgård] in it.

is probably the most mysterious, craziest, psychedelic place on earth. Which is interesting, because people initially pegged you as an electronic musician. Somebody gave me an i Pad the other day, and I didn’t know what to do with it. It’s the way that I do my videos, if you can even call them videos. He gave the whole staff … nobody knew what it was.

Expect to be hearing from her for quite some time to come.

- Swedish indie pop artist Lykke Li Zachrisson (better known as Lykke Li) grabbed the attention of bloggers the world over in the mid 2000s with a handful of catchy and genuinely impressive retro-chic singles made available on her My Space profile.

Lykke Li made her first appearance on Swedish MTV that year, performing an acoustic version of "Tonight" on Phaser, and the video for "Little Bit" was nominated for Best Video at that year's Swedish Grammy Awards.

Her debut full-length, Wounded Rhymes, the latest chapter in Lykke Lis surreal pop concoctions, is slated for a February 28th releasethough magically, the internet has delivered, serving up a free stream a few days ahead of its release!

Peter Bjorn and John recently wrapped up a tour, while Miike Snow are in the midst of one.

Lykke Li: she is a sassy Swedish performer who derives her infectiously cool pop treatments from sometimes minimalist, occasionally odd, yet always catchy musical elements.

Armed with sensuous, barely-there vocals and backed up by a quirky, bass-heavy, ever-so-slightly lo-fi sound (courtesy of Peter Bjorn and John's Björn Yttling, who produced her first discs), Lykke Li released her debut EP, a three-track affair entitled , on her fledgling label, LL Recordings, in 2007.

The disc's title track went on to earn a good deal of buzz among indie pop-centric bloggers and, perhaps to a greater extent, the mainstream Swedish music press soon after it was released.

اما افسر تازه کار بزودی متوجه می‌شود که همکارش یک مامور مخفی سازمان فدرال است و در مورد یک پرونده سرقت تحقیق میکند که ممکن است چند پلیس فاسد در آن دست داشته باشند…