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There’s a behind-the-scenes video (which has since been removed from You Tube) which just went live and literally in the video, we’re watching one of the videos that we were filming and Kathy’s honest reaction was, “We’re gonna have to move to Mexico because they’re gonna put me in jail.” Now again, fortunately, we have freedom of speech [in the first amendment] and all art is generally protected by these things, but again, this was her first thought, “Will you bail me out of jail? It’s just about the whole thing of where we’re at right now as a society and he just happens to be the one speaking at that. Also, if this was a different time or a different country, I’d probably be killed right now for these photos.

Per political reporter Yashar Ali, Griffin was reportedly recently interviewed for more than an hour by the Secret Service in person, and the federal agency’s investigation into Griffin remains open.

For context, it’s been more than a month since Griffin’s lawyers confirmed that an investigation had been opened and that they intended to fully co-operate.

On Tuesday, the gory and shocking image debuted and instantly drew quite a bit of outrage. called it “disgusting” in a tweet and others on the social media platform have slammed the graphic photo as “wrong” and “pure evil.” However, this isn’t anything Shields and Griffin didn’t expect, the photographer — who is known for making provocative pictures like this — tells EW.

EARLIER: Photographer Tyler Shields doesn’t want to explain what he’s trying to say in his latest, and very arresting, photo, which features comedian Kathy Griffin holding a replica of President Donald Trump’s bloodied, decapitated head in her hand.

They are already doing a multi-city tour together, they are besties and have a great rapport.” Cohen revealed that they were set up on a blind date in the early ’90s, but Cooper says Cohen blew it during their initial phone call by being “too enthusiastic.” They were later introduced by mutual friends in LA and their platonic bromance blossomed.

But sources add that Cohen “may have some contractual problems to overcome” with Bravo before he can appear on CNN with Cooper.

Many have accused Trump of doing this with the comments he has made. Right now, this guy is the opposite of a lot of people’s ideals. Is testing the first amendment the driving ethos behind the project?

No, I’m never the guy that’s like, “We’re making this piece of art so people are gonna go hurt other people because of it.” I always look at it like, when you make something, it makes people not want to do it. But again, the great thing about making something like this is that, look, you make it and people have their opinion on it and that’s the fun of it. But also, there’s a lot of people that think he’s great. Again, I can’t sit here and tell you that someone is not allowed to have their opinion. Again, you have Kathy’s ideal of it and then you have that other side of it. My biggest thing is I like to make something and I don’t like to explain, “Well this is what you have to see when you see this.” I like to make this and let other people figure out what it means to them.

comedy tour ​has ​canceled her appearance on Friday.

“Kathy Griffin’s appearance at the Uptown Theatre Napa, on June 17, 2017 has been cancelled,” the ​theater announced on its Facebook page.

Sources said Griffin had expected CNN “golden boy” Cooper to stand by her, but the news network swiftly announced she was fired from the NYE broadcast with Cooper, which they’ve done together for 10 years.