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Since trying to chase Sam Hunt has failed for so many artists in 2015, perhaps sticking to what you do best is a better option.

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So much for staying relevant, “Hangover Tonight” arguably ushered in Gary Allan’s 2015 disappearance.

READ: Gary Allan Finds His Big Sellout Moment with “Hangover Tonight” Now Gary Allan fans and curious onlookers are wondering where the new album is that we were promised when the single was first released in the spring.

Yeah, I know, you can point to signs and signifiers throughout his career that illustrated Gary Allan as less than the ideal male country star, but in a greater measure you could point to the songs and moments that made him out to be one of the final remaining good guys in mainstream music that kept it mostly real, and did things his way without compromise. What a contrast compared to where Gary’s mindset was in September of 2013 when he sat down with Larry King and read mainstream country its rights.

I never thought I’d see the day that he would be one to turn to the dark side, but here we are.

“I turned it in and they’re trying to decide which single to add next, ‘cause there are a few directions on there. There’s two more to go that I wrote that are kind of this Motown vibe, kind of funky.

And there’s the real traditional stuff that I’ve done.

Allan came from a family that supported his musical endeavor and in fact his mother quite encouraged him to become a singer and a musician.

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

Call it the Sam Hunt effect—where the success of country music’s most non-country star in history had everyone thinking they needed to be R&B to stay relevant. One of the few bright spots in mainstream country for so many years (though he’d throw an unfortunate single out there upon occasion), when he released his latest single in March called “Hangover Tonight,” some wondered if the hard-edged 47-year-old had lost his mind.

This wasn’t the Gary Allan we all knew, all dressing in crushed velvet suits and doing his best Bruno Mars impression.

Even more interesting is that Gary Allan is already talking about the album “But I do feel like it’s gonna drag a little bit more back towards traditional.