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Mike: We had our date like 2 months before Green Day, they jumped on our date which I think is uncool.

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It has a greater range of instruments like keyboards and a viola, harms and a lot of guest musician including backing vocals of your daughter Darla and Tony Sly`s kid Fiona. I was having such a great time, that I started trying to experiment and try stuff.Was it the idea of the producer Cameron Webb to include all these elements to give the album a greater spectrum of sound? When we were working with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermoore they just want you to record “Go, go, go…record!"Are you going to stand in front and bother me all day with your f-cking tie dye shirt and your beard?"Instead of forcing the guy to leave, FM ended up buying the tie dye shirt off the dude's back for a whopping .I was one of the lucky guys who could already listen to the album before the release date.

For me it sounds more …let`s say…“well composed” than your albums before , I can hear that you put a lot of time and work in the production of this album. Our last album was more of a straight-out Punkrock album, which I like, but the new album is more like a mature album, and a lot of those things came kind off…well it is the only album which I completely written and recorded on drugs.

Earlier this week we published an interview with NOFX frontman Fat Mike wherein the guy reflected on the last 25 years of his label, Fat Wreck Chords.

It's an impressive feat, running a completely independent record dedicated to putting out the same kind of pop-punk for generations to come.

The couple were engaged for over a year and according to TMZ the couple have lived together for six years.

The ceremony was a last minute affair, with only eight, mostly leather-clad people invited.

Watch it above, then peep that exclusive interview right here.