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"All I can do is hope that it worked out well," she added.The actress, who has recently broken up with NBA player Carmelo Anthony, is now focused on her work with the new season of "Power" as it starts later this month.

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ACTOR Callan Mulvey relishes every day he's on a film set, even when he's getting his "arse kicked". agents turn on Captain America in a fight sequence in a lift.The Auckland-born actor, who moved to Australia at the age of eight and is best known locally for his starring roles in Heartbreak High, Rush and Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, has found success in Hollywood since moving to the US last year. "I certainly had a few fight scenes where I got my arse kicked by other people, which was fun," he said.Anthony describes her experience of shooting the steamy scenes of La Keisha's new fling as "terrifying," as she explained: "We're women.Anytime you've got to take your clothes off, it's a terrifying thing," Anthony said."Now, people get to see more of La Keisha and what she is about and see her in different scenarios and relationships," Anthony explained."And as an actress, that is really exciting, because I have more to dig my teeth into," she further added.

Speaking of different relationships, La Keisha will have some daring scenes with her new love interest in Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), who also happens to be Ghost's best friend.

Lala Anthony sat down for an interview to talk about the plot of the upcoming fourth season run of the drama series.

Lala Anthony gives out a few big hints and spoilers about season 4 of "Power" in an interview with Bossip.

It has really sped things along." Mulvey has the rare honour of signing on for a sequel which fans and critics have hailed as being better than its predecessor.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have clearly hit on a winning formula and have already signed on to direct a third Captain America film.

There is no denying that "Power" season 4 is one of the most-anticipated Starz TV series this year.