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Imma look out for you brotha no "Thank You's" needed 🙏🏽 maybe you can open up for me when I go on tour too!

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Amber Rose ain't backing down and apologizing for her Slut Walks despite wrong-minded and misogynistic criticism from Benzino.The reality star and music producer had a lot to say following the widely reported on feminist event.So it was only a matter of time before 15 Things Good P*ssy Can Do had to be written, actually a year later after 15 Things Good D! Within that year I’ve had some good p*ssy however there is also an alarming rate of wack box that inspired 6 Signs You Have Insecure P*ssy, a disease that is plaguing this great American country and even other places in the world.But f*ck it let us not focus on the negatives that suck the morale out of our bedrooms but rather on, 15 Things Good Pussy Can Do:1.We go to sleep so we don’t get tortured waiting on that wet after-the-club p*ssy. No matter how dangerous your neighborhood is a guy will always leave his door open for some bomb p*ssy.

I don’t care if he lived in Gotham City, he’s going to leave it open.2.

I really appreciate all of the extra press you've been giving The Amber Rose Foundation! 🌹 A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on And it keeps going!

Benzino has been deleting his responses but according to, the last thing he said was this: "I can’t wait to watch you make a– out of your self at Harvard (which my partner @therealdavemays has a degree at ) you remember him don’t you and Rock the Party was hit record, I heard yours and we won’t talk about that horrible acting you did in your debut movie but this is it Muva no more time for you and your Bs.” We're eagerly awaiting Rose's next reply.

Sleeping However to Make Sure She’s Comfortable She could be laying on your arm, yo sh*t fell asleep hours ago, but you know what? ck since 12am to 2am and three fat nuts later yo d! Sometimes you don’t even want to touch it afterwards.

You not gone move a f*cking muscle that p*ssy so good, you don’t care how you sleep. You Can Go a Few Extra Rounds Some women don’t think d! However, when the p*ssy is good, you disregard all the signs of chilling out. Have You Getting the Haircut She Likes Most on You You’ve been getting the Ceasar since Junior High. She dug it, she was rubbing yo head all seductively before ya’ll started knocking boots.

😉 I know I'm just a dumb stripper but I would LOVE to invite you to come on an episode of the SECOND SEASON of the Amber Rose Show!