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"Love Connection," hosted by Chuck Woolery from 1983 to 1994, took "The Dating Game" a step further.

The run surface on the One Fast Cat - which currently retails for 9, with prices set to increase once the Kickstarter campaign is over - is made from a special 'closed cell EVA foam' to prevent claws from catching, according to its website.

And clearly a vast quantity of pet lovers have faith.

Contestants regarded as experts in a specific field had to answer a series of increasingly difficult questions on the subject with the goal to take home ,000, Among the future celebrities who took home the top prize were Barbara Feldon, on the category Shakespeare, and Joyce Brothers, who excelled in boxing history.

The show ended a few months after Congress began an investigation that some quiz shows had been rigged.

Truth in Television, obviously, though how culturally accepted it is varies wildly depending on the place, time period, and social standing.

to discuss how America's obsession with pizza made him a fortune.

Bob Eubanks was master of ceremonies when CBS brought back the show in 1986.

Deadpan Brit wit Anne Robinson was the host of this NBC series that was equal parts "Survivor" and Trivial Pursuit.

If one partner receives preferential treatment over the others, then the former is Top Wife and the latter are a Supporting Harem. Though real life polyamorists try to disassociate these two as the word "polygamy" has some messy implications.

For more details and some Real Life tidbits, visit Useful Notes On Polyamory.

Swingers are largely there for the sex, often for the novelty of an unfamiliar partner.