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It would only have ended badly if I'd had my way and stayed. And one who isn't your mum's sister." I blushed at the reminder, my eyes slinking away from Jean's gaze. "I just wanted to touch you, Aunt Jean." The words came out of me all thick and clotted with lust.

I would have done or said something which would have ended in tears for sure. But I looked at her body again, seeing her reclining there, so ripe and lush and desirable. I was on fire for my aunt, reckless with desire and pent up frustration.

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Yearning yawed all hollow in the pit of my stomach while lust boiled inside me. That was when the incestuous craving for her lush curves hit me. Then she was back, walking to me and thrusting another can into my hand before the sofa slumped beneath her weight. I wanted to reposition the thing, to ease the discomfort. If you tell me I can help you, perhaps; if I know what it is I do that makes you feel the way you do, then I can stop doing it." I looked into her face. When I look back now I realise she was moving in to kiss me, changing her mind at the last moment, only to repeat the process a moment later. I somehow sensed we were on the edge of some huge event. Next, apparently of its own accord, my hand slid over smooth skin until my fingers found the tender flesh of Jean's inner thigh. Once more she uttered, "You shouldn't be doing that, Carl." But, as I massaged her at that intimate place, my aunt's legs uncrossed.Perhaps sensing my presence, my aunt hefted herself onto her elbows and leaned to one side, face turning towards me, a hand going up in a salute to shield her eyes from the sun. You just surprised me; that's all." My aunt rose to her feet. Jean collapsed into the seat next to me, holding the long-stemmed goblet aloft, her legs crossed once more. " She sipped her drink and then rested her head on one fist, her elbow against the sofa. It..." Damn but didn't she just look so fucking lovely sitting there with her legs on display, those big tits beneath that blouse. It was lodged in there and pressing uncomfortably against my jeans. It seemed to me on some vague, instinctive level, that if I leaned in and kissed my aunt's mouth, she might reciprocate. The skirt was as taut as drum skin across her lap, riding higher as she eased her buttocks over the cushion until she was almost horizontal, all scrunched up on the settee.She blinked and said, "Oh, Carl, I didn't hear you." Or at least I think that's what she said. Ah, that is..." I stumbled through the message, my face burning and my cock an insistent throb. "Carl, please, you can't touch me like that." Something pierced the carapace of that insanity: the tone of my aunt's voice or the realisation I was forcing myself on her shattered the craziness, I'm still not sure. But what I noticed about her positioning was that she was turned towards me, sitting with her legs crossed, a subtle reversal to her previous attitude. I had no clue as to a proper response since my mind was still busy with what had happened and her calm attitude. Jean shifted her rump, eyebrows arching, her eyes wide, questioning. She was all blonde and luscious, and all it would take would be for me to rip the blouse open and my aunt's big boobs would be right there. But I couldn't do that in front of my aunt, so I sat there and suffered with it. But it was her breasts I couldn't stop staring at -- Jesus, they were so round and firm, not huge but a fair old size all the same. I would be the one cast out by the family, my name never mentioned. I'm so sorry." "It's okay, Carl," my aunt crooned, her hand soothing on the back of my head as she stroked my hair. There was some more conversation, the detail of which is all hazy, and I was soon on my way. With hindsight it was for the best, me leaving my aunt to her dishabille. " My aunt flinched but did nothing to remove my fingers. So, instead of blurting out I wanted to fuck my aunt, and instead of lunging for her and slobbering a kiss over her face, I went home, told my mother the gist of Jean's reply, went up to my bedroom, and wanked myself off while fantasising about my sexy aunt. Lust burst inside me while images of my aunt as I'd seen her came to mind. "Your legs," I gasped, palms sliding over the woman's thighs.