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Today a healthy lifestyle and clear vision are often enough to convince a woman you’re worthy of consideration. In Fiji you must go for something unusual and present it to the father-in-law before you can ask for her hand.In fact, to ask for the hand of a girl a Fiji young man has no choice but present the father-in-law with the tooth of a whale.

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A 72 hour Smorgasbord would commence with servings of Köttbullar, lingonsylt, and inlagd sill fit for a traditional Swedish wedding.The groom would also provide three gold coins to the soon-to-be bride: one for accepting the engagement, another for marrying him and the third for carrying his baby.Soon, we were messaging via Whats App every day.'We logged on at 9pm UK time, and I drank wine as we chatted, so it felt just like a real date.Our chemistry was amazing, even just on a screen, and we spoke for six hours.'We both admitted we loved each other.Traditionally, the Mexican wedding was characterized by tortillas, beans and spicy rice with the wedding cake made using dried fruit and nuts, rum soaked, as a mariachi band provided music.

With around 20 hours of the daily sun, the Swedish wedding was traditionally done during the summer months.

Jess said: 'I was attracted to his dark brown eyes straight away and swiped right.'It was only once I saw we'd matched that I looked at his profile and saw he actually lived 10,655 miles away.'I realised that there must have been a glitch in the app as we were both in range of a place called Swansea - only I was in Wales and he was in New South Wales!

'I messaged him and pointed out the distance, which Steve hadn't noticed, and we joked about it and got chatting.''We bonded over our shared sense of humour and life experiences.

Some of the highlights included the bride's head crowned with myrtle leaves representing virginity.

To ensure she never went hungry or lacked, a gold coin given by her father would put inside her right shoe and a silver coin inside her left shoe from the mother.

I had never felt that way before and knew we had to arrange to meet in person.'Jess admits she was nervous flying out to meet a 'stranger', but the two clicked immediately.'We compared notes on our journeys and went back to our apartment, where we shared our first kiss,' she said.'Later we swapped presents - he gave me a necklace and I gave him a jar of notes to pull from when he missed me.'The chemistry was electric and the following night we got intimate for the first time.