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It is not life-threatening, but it can be very painful.It is caused by a reactivation of the same virus that causes chickenpox.With advances in computer software technology and a rise in internet security risks AVG evolved over the years to include a whole range of new security features in the AVG anti-virus package such as anti-spyware, root-kit protection, anti-spam, e-mail protection, web-browsing filter and a P2P monitor all working to effectively identify and eliminate security risks.

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These additional details help explain what happens when you develop the shingles rash, as well as how to get rid of it.What is Herpes Zoster: Herpes zoster, also called shingles, is an infection caused by a herpesvirus (varicella-zoster virus).Easy to use, free, 100% safe, AVG antivirus is the only program that ensures optimal protection to your system.Shingles is a rash that is more common after age 60.The lifetime risk of developing shingles rash is 10% to 20%.

In the United States, approximately 300,000 to 600,000 cases are reported yearly.We care about your privacy more than most other dating sites.All your personal details can be anonymous and private until you are ready to proceed further.AVG technologies formerly known as Grisoft launched its first product named Anti-Virus Guard (AVG) in 1992 in Czechoslovakia, a simple but effective free anti-virus program for Windows.By 1998 the AVG software was introduced to Germany, UK and the U. with the free edition of the program raising awareness for AVG.Fewer than 5% of the cases occur in children under 14 years of age.