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Another obvious option is internationalization, but here the question is if such an idiosyncratic way of curing loneliness 2.0 could succeed in the US or Europe as well.

Important conversations or events can be stored in the album section of the site as “memories”.On the surface, Webkare’s social network functions are kept to a minimum.Whether you think teen online dating is safe or not, it is virtually impossible to forbid your teenagers from doing it.All you can really do is supervise and stay involved in whom they are talking to.Girls choose between one of four different male cartoon characters they want to hook up with upon registration.

They can then “communicate” with their digital crush in cartoon-like sequences to try to win over his heart over the course of the game.

Apart from teenagers, women are targeted by these online 'predators'.

Lying is one of the common things that one resorts to, in deceiving naive Internet users.

Be aware of the threats, but also keep an open mind.

Teens are exposed to so many exploitive images on television that intimate relationships are becoming a regular part of teenage life.

One can lie about anything like his/her age, height, etc.