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It is interesting that probably every Armenian plays chess.

The thing is that the game has became a compulsory subject in the school curriculum.

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From a geographical point of view, the state is located in the Asian part of the continent, but it is also widely known in Europe.First of all, Armenia is famous for being the first country in world history, which officially converted to Christianity.Armenians are a very open people, nation that is famous for its courage, hard working and friendliness.Residents of Armenia also can be characterized by their special attachment to their traditions and families.Outbrain has been using Similar Web for over a year and it's been instrumental for our ability to analyze our competitive environment, benchmark our performance, keep track of industry trends, and generate new leads.

Yervand Garginian, a 60-year-old bus driver from South Croydon in Melbourne, filmed himself cooking chicken on an open charcoal barbecue using a traditional 'khorovats' recipe at a recent family gathering.'My boyfriend posted it on Reddit and within one hour it was on the top page of videos, and within the next hour it was on the front page of Reddit and it went to number two,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

Even if Levina’s song isn’t exactly a fan favourite, she and her team are giving their all to show Europe who she is.

Besides taking part in various Eurovision pre-parties, she’s been traveling through Europe to promote her entry.

That is why there are a huge number of Orthodox monuments in the territory of Armenia, they even include the first church in the world.

Armenia has a typical continental climate with long cold winters and hot summer days (however, the highest peaks are covered with snow throughout the year).

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