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Most of us have to deal with storing SSN information in databases, and how do we know if the SSN entered is valid or not.

Using the settings you suggested it doesn't recognize "0" as a leading number (when the SSN starts with 0), and it doesn't display an error message if you enter letters instead of numbers.James ." Where cell A1 is the desired input location for the SSN, format cell A1 as either Special - SSN or Custom 000-00-000. The number is usually printed or displayed with embedded spaces, like this: AB 12 34 56 C.However, this is done purely for presentation purposes.If your NI numbers are inaccurate, your returns will be rejected, leading to hassles and delays all round.

In this article, I'll explain the format of NI numbers, and show some sample code for validating them.Note that there's no check digit within the number.That means that there's no automatic way of detecting data-entry errors, such as transposed digits.Even numbered Group Codes between "10" and "98" are issued next3.Even numbered Group Codes "02", "04", "06", "08" are issued next4.SSN is broken into three parts xxx-xx-xxxx, the first three represent the Area Code (geographical location), the next two represent the Group Code and the last four represent the sequence.