Updating stairs to wrought iron

It is a material that is durable, easy to maintain, and classic looking.

In addition, there are a myriad of design possibilities.

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This beautiful black metal hand rails features an elegant look.

It also provides a sturdy place to hold on to while ascending from this gently curving and graceful outdoor staircase.

If you plan to install a freestanding wrought-iron railing rather than a railing mounted to a wall, you need to determine the length of the vertical rails.

Use the diagonal mark 36 inches above the top landing and bottom step as the top point of these rails.

A staircase brings an air of elegance and beauty to a home.

Using wrought iron stair railing is a common and easy choice in interior design.

The ornate scrolls with ivy leaves give this home’s stairway an elegant medieval inspired look.

The image above is an example of beautiful staircase with soft white metal exterior stair railings.

Turn the level vertically and mark the distance from the end of the horizontal line to the top edge of the yardstick to form a triangle.