Updating net framework

For clean installation instructions, please see Focus 4.6 Install Instructions.

Please take note of the Pre-Requisites required for installing 4.6.

Following these steps will ensure a complete recovery should the upgrade not complete for any reason.

updating net framework-1

Intui Face Composer and Player for Windows require use of the Microsoft . Version 4.5.2 of the Framework contains a bug affecting the ability of Intui Face to work with high performance touch displays. If error 1603 occurs while updating Turbo Tax, your best bet is to download and install a manual update.These instructions are for upgrading your server from Panopto v4.5.x to Panopto Focus v4.6.If you are upgrading from a previous version, please contact Panopto Support for additional information.On the Application settings screen the installer will automatically load your previous configuration. If the name of your Panopto server has changed, change the Web and Data server names here.

If you wish to relocate your SQL databases to another server, please do that first and then re-run the Panopto installer. Before continuing, you must test the connection with credentials in order for the Panopto installation to proceed.Depending upon your previous configuration, the Folder locations in the screenshot below may be different than what you have configured.Since these settings are customizable, just ensure that they are pointing the previously configured location and click Next when finished.SMTP will be used to send user login information and notification to users when recordings are complete. On the Destination Folders screen the installer will automatically load your previous configuration. If you would like to change storage locations, please move all of your files from the cc_data\sessions and cc_data\video folder first and then re-run the Panopto Data and reference the new location. *Please note that "Scratch" folder must be on a local drive.A support e-mail address must be specified and all e-mails will be sent from that e-mail address. For more information about optional usage data sent to Panopto please click here. For more information, please read the documentation: Enable Secure Login (SSL) When finished, click Install. - You can do this in task manager or via admin cmd line "net stop Pool Manager Service" - Wait a few minutes for encoder workers to shut down. They are Panopto Data process instances with a command line parameter of -encoder Worker. Panopto Focus 4.6 now will automatically pull down your Panopto license.