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I reinserted my original 2005 version and it reloaded just fine.

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Most of the time it seems it is unusable and was a complete waste of money. Before, it was showing my position as "off road" when I was attempting to navigate (even as I was driving along a road).

Was there some software update that I missed or something else I needed to do? Also, some POI locations would not get the navigation instructions as it would just return to the previous screen.

I now always keep a spare copy of the nav disc in my car just in case the old disc stops working or gets weird on me.

J I tried updating my NAV with the ISO file on the source link, but it wouldn't fully load; the installation would hang not far from the beginning.

Make sure you update your Garmin® MAP PILOT in time for your next trip.

And relax, knowing that you can depend on it to get you to your destination. Whether you're heading for Italy, France, Spain or on a tour of Europe, using the latest software and map updates will ensure that you reach your destination without the stress.

Oh, and the best part is, I didn't lose my phone numbers / saved destinations, etc.

They said it would take 2-3 hours and I got my car back in the promised time.

The best part is that it was FREE to download to my phone.

Picture the situation – you're using a navigation system but you've still ended up taking a wrong turning. If your navigation system is equipped with the latest software and the most recent map data, you've nothing to worry about.

I have a 2006 E350 with the factory navigation unit.