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@rick1119 if you'd like, you could open a topic in our discussion forums to see if anyone else has tackled your dashboard refresh problem before.

As @epixa noted, the syntax of the URL isn't a documented public API so we can't guarantee it'll remain stable.

This is the behaviour I am trying to achieve with the embedded dashboard.

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However it is weird that the refresh works for visualizations but not dashboards, so perhaps you'll find a simple fix for the time being.After several hours of trying to figure out why my stylesheet was no longer updating in live dev, I narrowed it down to an embedded youtube iframe element.The embedded iframe with the updated src does not reflect the updated query string.I have tested this on chrome, firefox and safari, dashboards do not react to updated iframe src.The source code I used to find out the problem was simply an html file with an No problems with over here with fonts, google or face.

In relation to the iframe problem, I did find that if you switch back and forth between the css file and another file it does reload the changes you made to the css file.The best part about this approach is that since all of the resizing code is handled in the parent frame, the child page doesn't need to be modified.This post has been heavily commented and linked to over the years, and continues to receive a ton of traffic, so I should make it clear that much of this is no longer relevant for modern browsers.The Iframes Tutorial includes much more information on iframes and how they are used.The tutorial examples are all included in a download file.When we tackle #3947, it's likely that not all state will even be stored in the URL, so integrations like the one you described would almost certainly break.