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i don't really care for the rest of whats backed up except my contacts, does anyone know a way to retrieve it? Hi, JAE_MIKE, Even I changed my phon code in NSS sofware then I went to to get the latest version software for my N95 when I installed in my PC then I connected to my phone, so within 5 minutes update done. My friends yu need to do this:1-Backup to sdcard .2-Plug your phone to pc on pcsuite mode.3-Open NSS and click scan for new device.4-Click phone info.5-Click read.6-In product code change yours for your phone code to 0534841.6-Mark enable next to the new code.7-Click write.8-Click read again to verify the change.9-Close NSS and open Nokia Software Update and follow the steps to update.10-Your phone is... An exciting firmware update for the original Nokia N95-1 saw light recently.After few days of testing it out, we can now confirm that it has really improved the performance of one of the top multimedia devices on the market.

Also, make sure you have a full-charged battery and the profile set on "General", for the update to be completed without any troubles.The new firmware version is only available for Europe and Asia Pacific at the moment, hence North American users will have to wait a bit longer until they can enhance their N95 phones.The new firmware version also brings a whole bunch of other stability improvements and features, but not all of them are readily noticeable and most pose no interest to the regular user.She's thinking of upgrading the firmware from v.10 to v.14 that is allowed ... I wanted to upgrade to v20 and changed the code using the NSS s/w.Nokia Software Updater is the official utility Nokia provides to update the pre-installed software in their mobile phones. You just have to connect your Nokia mobile phone to the PC with the original USB cable provided, and execute the program.

Automatically, Nokia Software Updater detects your concrete phone model, downloads the corresponding update and installs it. Summing up, Nokia Software Updater is the utility you need to apply the updates Nokia develops for your mobile phone.For the purpose of software updating, you should use the "USB PC Suite profile" for connecting to the PC.After that all you need to do is follow the really simple instructions of the software updater application and you will end up having a Nokia N95 with brand new 20.0.015 software.Below you have a You Tube video that shows, well, another You Tube video played on Nokia N95, thanks to the 21.0.016 firmware.It all looks quite good, so hurry up to get the new firmware version. I got a question about updating the firmware on a SIM-locked N95. She had work done on her phone so now it's SIM-free.