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These arrangements try to strike a balance between privacy of the voters and the publication of the roll, which is integral to the conduct of free and fair elections, enabling participants to verify the openness and accountability of the electoral process and object to the enrolment of any elector.

UK) Around August every year, we send out a letter asking you to confirm all the eligible voters at the property.

The letter contains: It's compulsory to complete the form, and you can do it online or by post.

The electoral roll (also called an electoral register or poll book) is a list of persons who are eligible to vote in a particular electoral district and who are registered to vote, if required in a particular jurisdiction.

An electoral roll has a number of functions, especially to streamline voting on election day.

Most jurisdictions maintain permanent electoral rolls while some jurisdictions compile new electoral rolls before each election.

In some jurisdictions, people to be selected for jury or other civil duties are chosen from an electoral roll.(These comprise about 9% of the electoral roll.) Since 2009, New South Wales has drawn information from various government departmental sources to automatically enroll eligible electors onto the state roll, but not the federal roll.State civil registrars are required to supply information, for example relating to death of a person, to enable names of deceased persons to be removed from electoral rolls.It has not been produced in printed format since 1985, when it changed to publication on microfiche.Today it is only produced in an electronic format, and can only be viewed at an AEC office, each of which holds a copy of the electoral roll for the entire country.For maps and profiles of the current boundaries visit State electoral boundaries.