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Excerpts from MSDN about LINQLanguage-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a set of features introduced in Visual Studio 2008 that extends powerful query capabilities to the language syntax of C# and Visual Basic.

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The stored procedure will modify the database data and return the results with an implicit resultset.To return the resultset, you will provide the resultset parameter information in a . You will then insert and delete data to the database without using a stored procedure.Lastly, you will show how to use Model-First with Oracle database.In a Model-First scenario, a developer first creates an Entity Framework object-relational data model.We need to create DB Context object to understand the fact and advantages, so let's create a and dig into more details.

Kindly follow the following procedure to create a DBContext.From that data model, the developer can automatically generate an Oracle relational database model in the form of DDL scripts.Before starting this tutorial, you should: In the Server Explorer window, if you already have a HR schema connection, expand it to connect to the database. Open the working directory to where you extracted the NET data querying language which can query a multitude of data sources, one of which are entities via LINQ to Entities.Entity SQL Next, you will call a stored procedure added to the EDM via a function import.UPDATE: Some time ago a developer by the name of Kadir Pekel compiled all nine tutorials into a single PDF and hosted them on his website, but that website no longer is around.