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The phone does not seem to charge while it is "locked", it just drains the battery even more.It also does not notify me of any missed calls while the phone was "locked". I've also noticed that once the phone is completely charged, all text messages and call log data are erased. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are on Hutch, Vodafone, Airtel or Reliance Communications, you may have to wait until these mobile companies upgrade their Black Berry server software before providing the 4.5 OS upgrade package on their websites.US Carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T will be upgrading software of all their Black Berry clients.Sometimes the phone does this while connected to the wall charger, and sometimes not. I have not figured out what circumstances causes it to lock, but it is becoming more and more frequent. But it definitely adds a better Black Berry Media Player.

Related: Black Berry Guide for Power Users All the original formatting will be preserved in your emails including fonts, images, web hyperlinks, tables, etc.This is not normal, because I have bearly applications (Blackberry Messenger, MSN Messenger, Twitter and Facebook and that's all). If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages...but can still use any level they currently have to sanction.See this procedure: Smartphones black Berry 6 with a way to upgrade to Black Berry OS or later should upgrade to the latest version of Black Berry Device software available in the wireless service provider so solved several problem with Black Berry Balance.The Black Berry OS 6 versions and higher and the global icon is not visible, please download and install the latest version of the Black Berry App World.Again, pressing keys or unplugging charger does not exit the phone from this locked state.