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To do so, click on the Update icon which appears by the clock and the Automatic Updates Setup Wizard will launch.

Three screen captures below illustrate the process.

As the installed user base of XP increases, reports of updates effectively crippling a machine that was previously in excellent working condition are becoming common.

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All in all, ASUS Update is a life-saving tool when you need to address some hardware issues by updating the BIOS, so give it a shot if you really have to.It comes with a freeware license, but don’t mess around with it unless you really know what you’re doing.Click the [Automatic Updates] tab and make your selections as in Method 1. Right click [My Computer] folder then click [Properties] The System Properties Property Sheet will open.Click the [Automatic Updates] tab and make your selections as in Method 1. Prior to SP2 no mention was made of Automatic Updates until after the XP installation was completed. Once SP2 has been installed, users will be presented the screen shown below (Fig.If you nodded your head as you were reading that last sentence, you are probably a good candidate for Windows XP Automatic Updates.

Whenever the word Automatic comes along people tend to balk because it smacks of taking away control. Even if you find the concept objectionable, Automatic Updates can be to your advantage while allowing you to retain the control of what gets updated.This is where the user has to make a decision whether or not the update is proper for the system.Just because an update is available doesn't mean it's needed or even necessary in all situations.I have identified my BIOS as "American Megatrends F14", but I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what to put on my DOS flash drive, and how to execute the update. If you are a bit skeptical or doubtful when it comes to updating your motherboard’s BIOS, you have all the rights to be so because messing around with BIOS updates could be a very tricky business that renders your computer unusable.Nevertheless, you do have to make a choice at this point before the logon process will complete. If you aren't sure if you'd like to enable updates or would like to make a more informed choice, go down to the [Manage Security Settings For:] section at the bottom of WSC and click Automatic Updates to open the Automatic Updates property sheet shown in Fig. There are four options available for Automatic Updates.