Updating basement

The family is the adventure-loving sort, and, thanks to Kim’s job with a travel company and her love of photographing distant lands, they get to travel a fair bit.

So, I geared up to give the whole family a relaxing place to come home to after trotting around the globe.

They wanted a lounge area, an entertainment center, a storage space and a place where guests could bunk down.

So, I decided to divide the room into two zones – the lounge/entertainment zone and the guest-room zone.

In the lounge zone I installed a giant, U-shaped sky-colored sectional that offers a perfect view of the television and fireplace.

On the sectional I threw tons of solid and patterned pillows in shades of charcoal, beige, cream and gray.

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Before, below, even though the basement had plenty of space, orange walls and bad lighting needed to be updated.

Kim, Jay and their two children live in a funky 1970s house they have painstakingly renovated in a sophisticated and contemporary style.

I put in a creamy fireside chair, a circle-infused area rug, a glass coffee table, and, for a little pizzazz, a stunning backlit display area for Kim’s photography that can be changed around when new pictures arrive.