Updating adobe air

Edit It would appear that the link in the original answer is broken, so I have edited this answer to provide a current, working link to a tutorial for Sorry, I miss-understood you :) The answer is Yes! find a way to check inside the ap if a new update is available for your application. Download the new applications version (ex app_V1.1.air) Step 3.

Adobe AIR is a great tool for developers to integrate HTML, Java Script, Adobe Flash and Flex, and Action Script to make them work more flexibly on various devices.

For more information, see Downloading an AIR file to the user’s computer.

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My Adobe AIR application freezes and becomes unresponsive in an NVidia Optimus-based system.If your system uses the NVidia Optimus technology to automatically switch between the integrated and discreet graphic card, your Adobe AIR application can become unresponsive.You could be launching the installer from a restricted file system.Try downloading the installer to your desktop and install from there. Cannot install until other has completed." A previous installation process could still be active on the system.Another option is to uninstall Folder Lock completely and proceed with the installation of the Adobe AIR application. If the problem persists, contact the application author." (Windows Vista / Windows 7) This error can occur during installation if a standard or restricted user has turned off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7 or Window Vista. When this issue occurs, the installer file doesn't appear to have an Adobe AIR icon associated with it when viewed within the Windows file explorer.

Installing an Adobe AIR application displays the error message: "Sorry an error has occurred. For additional information on this issue, see this document.For better performance, you should update Adobe AIR whenever updates are available. , which you can use to update the currently running application with a different version.Otherwise (if the installation cannot complete), it reopens the existing (pre-install) version of the application.On Mac OS, to install an updated version of an application, the user must have adequate system privileges to install to the application directory.You can ask the user of the app if they want to update...