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He hoarded the information I gave him; he was always careful never to say anything where the other guys could see. Rainier, about his weekend boat trips in altered states with his friends. He gave me a nickname in German, and asked about my mom.One day, he finally clicked "Pay Now" and took me to a private room. He worried about what I ate, and suggested books I might like. We video chatted a couple of times; I saw his wry smile, his messy office.Right after the financial crisis hit at the beginning of 2009, Los Angeles was probably running at about 50% unemployment.My friend Kate worked at Trader Joe's, and they received 300 applications for one job opening.Everything was laced with sadness and the forbidden.

But he sustained me, a light in the seedy darkness.I thought I'd damaged my lungs diving in Pattaya, and had to go to a Thai hospital at midnight, sobbing and unable to catch my breath; he instant messaged me while the medication took effect, calming me down until I could sleep.We started to grow apart a little bit — it was hard to keep up the stream of constant communication with the different time zone.WE RESPECT THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND DO NOT REMOVE OR BAN ANY USERS FROM THIS SITE.WE ALSO DO NOT CREATE CHAT LOGS OR SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. Our community network chatrooms unlike other chat rooms DO NOT make transcripts, monitor your IP address, create user names, or monitor your private conversations for profit.As porn work goes, it was incredibly low maintenance.