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Thidly; a serious shortage of skilled workers and finally, a total lack of exports.

These were however difficulties not just faced by BMTM, but by the toy industry as a whole, and unable to overcome several or all of these problems it was no surprise that many of the smaller companies at this time disappeared altogether.

Everyon anticipated a rosy future with the world markets now opening up to British manufacturers, the demand from which would dwarf the home markets which had kept the industry going.

The boom which followed was short lived and lasted just two years !

Anti-German feeling was understandably high following the formal declaration of hostilities and several toy companies at the time urged the general public to buy !

German toy imports, which stood at c£149,000 in 1914 were down to just c£1,000 by 1915 which left a major gap in the British market, a gap which was initially filled by the USA but more significantly by Japan.Academically, we maintain the high standards that the parents of Knaresborough have come to expect from the school.We also have a rich profile of extra-curricular activities and we believe in giving parents the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of their children.One such company which was founded in 1923 was Brimtoy Ltd., who included amongst its directors many from the now defunct BMTM and which continued, as before, in the production of tinplate toys.Their address was given as 133 Highbury Quadrant, Islington, London N5.Firstly; a shortage of working capital, caused in part by escalating labour costs.