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It is a UNESCO heritage place and the tombs are burial grounds for 4 Kings of the Buganda Kingdom referred to as ‘Kabaka”.This significant location in Buganda Kingdom takes a dome-like shape. For many centuries, ancient Ganda rituals have been performed in this place. These spiritual and impressive falls hold a unique status to the Baganda people.

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Drums are used for entertainment, different drumming techniques are used by each tribe or Uganda culture” for more information on Cultural tours, see CULTURAL SITES IN UGANDA Kasubi Tombs These royal tombs in Kampala are located 5 kilometers from Kampala the capital on Kasubi hill.

The Kasubi tombs are a very important cultural site in Buganda Kingdom.

It holds numerous historical treasures of the Kingdom of Buganda. For ages, this place has been a favorite spot the Buganda Kings.

The Sezibwa falls are found in Mukono district at the far border of Kyagwe & Bugerere kingdom-parishes, in the Eastern part of the Kingdom. Mutesa II and Mwanga who both were former kings, are believed to have “tied” twins from here.


O Box 213 Arlington, MA 02476 Saturday, November 4th 2017 Dear Dr.The victims of Mutesa’s brutality were canonized in 1869.Baker’s Fort in Patiko; this fort is situated 32 kilometers north of the town of Gulu in Patiko sub county.Other than their cultural significance, the spectacular waterfalls are a fine location for rock climbing, bird watching, healing, watching the waterfalls and cultural dances.Spectacular Ssezibwa Falls Mparo Tombs found in Hoima; theses are situated on Hoima Masindi road.Ugandans are remarkablly hospitable and hail from a diversity of rich cultures and life styles Each tribe has it’s own traditional dance ; The banyankole perform their Kitagururo dance , the Banyoro have their Runyege , Acholi have the Bwora and Otole dances .