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Since then the group has consisted of four digits, the first two telling the week number, the last two the year. If your tyres are over 5 years old you should be thinking about changing them.

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The different types of rubber used in tyres have significantly improved and are not as sensitive to the passing of time as they used to.

The tyre in itself will not deliver lesser performances so long as it was stored in optimal conditions.

Skid marks are divided into "acceleration marks" created on acceleration, if the engine provides more power than the tire can transmit; "braking marks," if the brakes "lock up" and cause the tire to slide; or "yaw marks", if the tire slides sideways.

Each has a characteristic appearance, and an experienced accident reconstructor or forensic engineer can often determine what the vehicle was doing by examining the marks left by the tire.

At Cambrian Tyres we like to think that we have the most experienced sales team in the industry with over 230 years of experience between them, and if you’ve got a customer who wants to know about the most suitable tyre for their motorcycle our team are on hand to provide you with the expert technical support you need.

In the July 2014 edition of Fast Bikes our very own Bryn Phillips has been discussing everything you need to know about tyre markings, so read on to find out what you missed….This code also tells insurance company loss adjusters the exact age of the tyres should you end up blocking the motorway with a jack-knifed caravan.To keep safe, here is a typical date code: DOT EK 4D 2BY X 4208 The DOT means the tyre meets American Department of Transport requirements.This can lead to unexpected blow-outs causing damage to your van as well as trauma to you and your passengers.This photograph shows age-related cracking of a tyre wall.Loss of the rubber feet or foot causes the aluminum stile to make contact with the ground, and if a hard surface like concrete or tiling, a skid mark shows how and why the ladder slipped.