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having him do the ritual and marry Anora in one playthrough made me a lil happy, plus in another making him a drunk in the Hanged Man was satisfying- but when I got this DLC I was soo happy lol.

Game must have the Exclusive Fullscreen option set to on; to change choose options from game launcher -Only supported when rendered with Direct X9.

Game can be set to Direct X 9 by adding "-DX9" in steam game properties under "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...".

The all-black wheel trend seems perfect for Phillips, who said his wardrobe is almost entirely black.

All-black wheels, and custom wheels in general, are mostly a guy thing, said Kit Yarrow, professor of business and psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

First open the file named 'hardware_settings_info.xml' and change the 'dx11'=true to false.

Then open the file named 'hardware_settings_config.xml' and change the 'forcedx9' to true.

But all-black wheels are the most popular, he said.

Marrufo said some BMW, Audi and Mercedes owners go for an extreme look of black-painted body, black wheels and darkly tinted windows. The "Midnight Edition" of the Nissan Juke crossover comes with black wheels, for example.

In non-steam version of the game: Right click the Desktop icon -Only supported when rendered with Direct X 9.

To run in Direct X 9 use the Assassins Creed_Dx9file in the game's library.

The Secret Worlds Legends Twitter has been updated with this post, "As a thank-you for your support in TSW, you are invited to a head start of Secret World Legends beginning on June 23rd".