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While it was normal for furniture makers to use pine and other less expensive woods in drawers, plywood did not come into popular use until the early 1900s.By 1920 plywood was in steady use in the furniture manufacturing business.They were straight slats of wood that ran vertically rather than horizontally.

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It could warp, rendering the cylinder totally useless.This was created for the French nobles early in the 1700s.The Carleton House Desk as designed in the 1700s by Hepplewhite for the Prince of Wales, later to be King George IV.The name comes from the Carleton House, the London residence of the Prince.Cutler antique roll top desks are somewhat rare and very valuable when they are found in good condition.

Cutler was not the first to come up with the tambour idea or putting multiple compartments on a desk.

With its sturdy good looks, and multiple nooks and crannies for organizing things, the roll top is a classic piece of furniture.

The very first patent for the roll top desk was given to Abner Cutler in 1850. Cutler was the owner of the Cutler Desk Company located in Buffalo, New York.

In fact it was the most popular style of desk until the steel desk was introduced in the early 1900s.

Vintage roll top desks can be found in many price ranges.

It is the desk that people most often picture when they hear the word desk.