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I perked up and joined in a group taking a closer look at those results.Update: Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this project is going anywhere, or at least anywhere that I’ll be able to contribute to.

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But then I noticed that I was comparing myself to others again, and it wasn’t even a fair comparison.

I kept going, and one of the problems they mentioned was closely related to a presentation I gave last semester.

So I posted a synopsis of the story’s premise, and links to nine approximately spoiler-free excerpts spaced apart, with my own commentary about what I liked about each of them.

Check them out, and if you have time, read the whole thing!

I also realize that my writing style is definitely rather long-winded, and you might not feel you have time to read everything in full detail.

So I’m also taking this opportunity to write down paragraph-long summaries of each of my posts.

He wasn’t rational in this doubt, however, privileging his own sensory experience to those of his friends.

In Mere Christianity, CS Lewis describes how faith in Christianity is not blind to evidence.

The texture was a problem for a time, but was fine with enough mixing.

I’ve tried mixing in various flavors, with limited success.

My interests have shifted to other areas, but the experience of working and talking with the professors was still helpful to learn to think like them.