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My SQL have their GUI product known as My SQL Workbench.

It offers a wide range of features, which also include importing and exporting.

Even so, there are certain downsides to using Workbench which cannot be overlooked.

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Now when you think you meet all these conditions make sure you have a stable internet connection since large files take more time and it would be a hassle if your upload stops midway and you have to go through the process all over again along with the additional having to clear up the previously uploaded incomplete files.The third option is said to be one of the most preferred methods because of its efficiency.Specifically, for use when the database is large – or if you just feel more comfortable with a Terminal window!I would definitely suggest using php My Admin for smaller files and My SQL Workbench for larger ones.Using Workbench, you are capable of migrating data which starts by first establishing a Server Instance for each of the servers.

Now for the next step: open up Server Admin tool by double clicking the instance of the server whose database you want to export.In that case, you might have php My Admin installed to help out.The reason for specifically mentioning PHP is that it is one of the most commonly used management tools for My SQL.Here is a link where you can You need to have remote access available to the My SQL servers you are using (ie.your local user’s permission while using Workbench need to have access to the My SQL instance on your computer).Moving on to the left column that is labeled as Data Export, choose the database file that you want to export.