The adult bare chats

Hahahaha, if it ever comes to that, it would be Ice Bear!

I mean that guy is so talented, he could probably build you a boat, to get you off from there, or a house! Whenever we introduce new characters, it takes time you know?

That’s a resource I never had growing up, and now that I see it and seeing the young artists that are coming up now with that experience, I can see how useful that is.

What inspired you to change medium from a webcomic series to an animated show?When I was making the webcomic series, barely anyone read it.He could probably do everything you needed him to do, so yeah, if I wanted to survive, I think Ice Bear’s the man, and it would not definitely be Panda! Creating believable, sympathetic characters is never easy and we spent a lot of time, talking about the characters, comparing them to maybe different characters from different movies, taking inspiration from the people in our lives and we spend a lot of time developing and workshopping the characters in.We’ll also write a story about them and we go through many phases to figure out the characters and whatnot, but most important is figuring out where the character fits into the world, and what is their role for the bears, how do they service the bears in the world.When I was in school I was part of a curriculum where you got to make your own film, kind of learning in what interests you and how to tell stories, how to do every aspect of the process.

I think all that stuff really helps teach you a lot of lessons, during the creation of the Bears.

By Muhammad Nabi We Bare Bears presents itself as a feel good show depicting the lives of three bears trying to survive the urban maze that is San Francisco. How you did you get to where you are in the cartoon business?

With a premise as interesting as this, it’s no surprise that the show then gained traction amongst a wide audience here in Malaysia – and The Level scored an exclusive interview with the creator himself, Daniel Chong, to tell us a little bit on the creative process, his inspirations, and which bear he likes the most! I’ve been working in the animation industry for 10,11 years, I was working mainly in feature animation at the start of my career, so it was mainly drawing growing up.

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I think it’s really brought in, the appeal for animation of all ages and we definitely are benefiting from it The background characters are diverse in terms of demographics.