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Sheikh Malik Hourani, Crown Prince of Bha'Khar, is a rich and powerful man dedicated to ruling his kingdom—but experience has made him wary of love.

Beth Farrah has been betrothed to the sheikh since birth, but she has a secret! SINCE she was headed for the seventh level of hell, now would be a good time to sunscreen her soul.

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This arranged marriage was just wrong, and somehow Beth would get Addie out of it.

Now she waited for the Crown Prince in the apartment where the royal intended, or in this case her facsimile, would stay until the wedding. The living room was spacious and bright, and filled with expensive art—paintings, blown glass, and figurines.

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French doors opened onto a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea, and when she pulled the doors wide the breeze blowing off the ocean cooled her hot cheeks. She and her twin were interchangeable; no one could tell them apart, not even their father. " "I do very well." His dark eyes glowed with male approval. "You are twins." "We are." Her heart pounded as she waited for him to recognize her deception, even though there was no reason for him to suspect anything.

This should be as easy as falling off a log, especially with a guy who'd never met either of them. "Although I regret that I was not there when your plane arrived." "Technically, it's your plane." "That is true," he said seriously. And very nice flesh it was—what she could see of it. Our parents didn't think it through when my sister and I were named. When he waited patiently, she said, "You can imagine the confusion when our names sound so much alike. "Then Beth is what I shall call you." "Thank you, Your Highness." "Please call me Malik. Occasionally I am called things not fit to repeat in front of a lady." He grinned suddenly, showing very white teeth against his tanned skin. Your career." So it was expected that being his bride would be a full–time job, one for which her sister had been exquisitely trained. She loved her job and felt she really connected with the teenagers she taught. "It is a bridge we will cross when the time comes." Spoken like a powerful politician, she thought.Her request was the emotional equivalent of bleeding or being on fire. But now that Beth was here in the palace, waiting to meet the Prince, the reckless spirit that had convinced her she could pull this off completely wimped out.As she stared at her suitcases lined up on the exquisite marble floor of the entryway, the deception that in her L. apartment had felt noble—wrong thing, right reason—now just seemed wrong.But, as much as she hated pretending, she'd made a promise to switch places with her identical twin and stand up to the man her sister couldn't—His Royal Highness, Malik Hourani, the Crown Prince of Bha'Khar.Beth had only ever had her sister to count on, and Adina was the only person who had ever loved her.She was pretending to be the woman who was going to marry the sheikh because her sister wanted out of the marriage agreement.