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It is admitted by this star that she is in search for a perfect lady.

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It might be because of the fact wants to build something special with Donna Orender because she wants to promote women power!As we know that she has been the best American professional basketball player.She also played for multiple basketball teams outside of the United States.In 2017, Bird became the all-time assist leader in WNBA history.She belongs to Israeli nationality which she has been holding since the year 2006.

But, she represents her birth country as United States in the international competitions.She is Augustus who has been also engaged to a woman and she just hopes to get married by the end of the season.Such act with lesbian must shows that she is not straight at all.The story that whether she is a lesbian or not check out the details from here: This year she becomes of 33 years; till she has not reported to date with any boy.Now she had passed a long time of life but she is Single now; shows that something is going wrong in her life.There is also no any information about being her married or having husband.