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When she went missing, Becky and Steve traced her through a hostel to Max's foster home.

Kylie admitted she had a three-year-old son and told Becky how much she hated not being able to care for him.

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She resented her half-sister Becky Granger for leaving home when Kylie was eight, and was thrown out after falling pregnant at nineteen.After Kylie gave birth to Max, his father, Callum Logan, ended up in prison and Max was taken into care as Kylie was homeless.Jealous of the attention Brian lavished on Becky, Kylie grew up believing that Becky had instigated an affair, when in fact Becky had gone away to escape his advances.Without Becky's protection, Kylie began to be abused and beaten up, and was once tied up and left in a cupboard, which resulted in her going into care. By now she was back living with her parents, but Brian kicked her out when he heard the news, forcing her to lean on the baby's father Callum Logan for support.In 2010, Becky tracked Kylie down and helped her regain custody of Max, but fearing she couldn't hack it as a mother, Kylie sold Max to Becky and Steve Mc Donald and left.

She made a surprise return to Weatherfield the following year after meeting and getting engaged to David Platt in Tenerife, where she was working as a cage dancer.When Kylie returned, she and her family had an intensive feud with Callum which came to an end when she bludgeoned him over the head while trying to protect her sister-in-law Sarah Platt.Callum's body was hidden under the Platts' house until it was exposed when a van crashed into the house.Max's care fell mostly to Becky and Steve, while Kylie lay about and skived off work.When she announced plans to take Max on holiday to Cyprus, Kylie tricked the Mc Donalds into volunteering to look after Max, and stole £100 from the cafe for spending money.After getting married, the Platts won custody of Max and in 2013 Kylie gave birth to David's daughter Lily - although there was uncertainty over her parentage due to a one-night stand between Kylie and David's brother Nick Tilsley.