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Chanlser would pose as a 15-year-old on My Space, Stickam, and AIM to solicit underage girls for explicit pictures.Once he started getting pictures from the victim he would extort them into giving him more by threatening to post them online or send them to the victim’s friend.Or lindababe: she is a girl, I think, and she has her i Tunes on randomizer and she loves to jam out and make obscene comments. Or another time: a girl was live and she was obviously severely overdosed, crying bitterly, and talking about killing herself. Because it is prohibited means it is more exciting when it happens. It is only a matter of time before something hits the news: "teen commits suicide because someone on stickam told them"Which brings me to my second to last point: sex. It eats up your time Mostly uninteresting Don't forget to turn your cam off Gender ambiguity is a given People lie Haters abound But, hey, compared to other empty garbage like Reality TV and QVC, I'll take Stickcam anyday.

The live feature gives stickam an advantage over other cam sites because a user can embed their "live" into their web sites and create, on the fly, instant personal web cam pages. Ender is an intriguing lad who loves to speak about Frederic Jameson, but he is usually shirtless, drinking, and a potty mouth. Brian lives in Oregon, mid-life, and says nothing except, "how is everyone tonight? Patrick is Canadian and loves to hate on Americans; he splatters the chat with French phrases and he is super mean.

In reality, live is so dumb: who cares if you are brushing your teeth, no one wants to see it. Although, I have to admit with lil gangsta, most stickam sessions are kinda boring.

For those of you who may not remember, Stickam was a video chat site that was constantly embroiled in controversy. Additional details about this story and tips on how to avoid this kind of extortion can be found at the FBI website.

If you are offended by this kind of thing, don't read my blog.

We also are NOT responsible if some actor from videos that we are posting lookslike underage, because we just post links from third party sites.

We are strongly caution to avoid underage content,and also we strongly prohibit the same!We are not responsible for any content which is streamed through this website.The streaming videos that has been found here are hosted by third party.A Calgary father and web specialist is going public to warn other parents about a popular website — where major Canadian corporations advertise — and where young teens engage in public, sexually explicit exchanges via live webcam and text. "If my daughters were on it, I would be extremely concerned," said Rickard. Tim Hortons, Rogers, Home Depot and Bank of Montreal are among several large corporations whose ads were displayed prominently on the site. Many of the male viewers chat with the girls and try to convince them — sometimes aggressively — to take off their clothes and perform sexual acts.All told, federal investigators say that Chansler had 350 victims.